My Private Jet!

Hey guys! I found this today at a dusty. I almost screamed when I saw it! I've been wanting the original holographic version of My Private Jet ever since I started getting into polish. I go to a salon to get a facial every few months (thanks acne) and every time I go I see My Private Jet staring at me... enticing me. But I can't buy it because they don't sell their polish :( Thank god I found this one, because I promised myself the next time I went to get a facial I would start begging!
Ps - I took a lot of pictures. Couldn't choose out of these. Sorry for the overload! :)

Bottle shot!

 This was 3 coats in direct sunlight. Love it!


  1. Woo! Grats on a great find :) I found mine in a big chain salon oddly enough. I had bought the brown with scattered holo version from them (which incidentally I happen to love) and was back in a few weeks later and saw the holo. Either I was blind the first time or I just got darn lucky lol! Seriously couldn't have been more than 2-3 weeks in between :P It certainly is a gorgeous color!

  2. Thank you! Wow, that's really good luck! I love hearing dusty stories, they give me hope :) I've been looking in so many salons for this polish, now I don't know what polish to direct my energy towards to find!


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