Essie Muchi, Muchi

Hey guys, hope your morning is going well! Yesterday I wore Essie Muchi, Muchi. Usually I don't like to wear creme pinks because I think they are boring, but I had an interview and I wanted to be a bit conservative. I'm glad I tried this, because I love it! This polish was a pain to apply but I think that it's worth it. This was 4 coats.

By the way, I'm getting/making a light box for myself over the weekend, so hopefully the weird lighting issues will be solved soon and my hands won't be as red! Yay! :) Till next time!


  1. Lovely. I am blogging about this today as well. :)

  2. Great color! Hm, do you have any tips on how to get the polish at the cuticle area to be smooth and rounded?

    1. Thanks, Emily! I do cleanup around my cuticles to get it so rounded. I use a slanted watercolor brush dipped in pure acetone to go around my cuticle to remove any unwanted, 'unclean' polish. It helps everything look nice and neat!


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