Revlon Vixen and OPI Man With the Golden Gun

Happy weekend, readers! I have a fun weekend planned. It's filled with studying for midterms, a violin performance and a twelve page research paper. Thankfully, I'll be taking a lot of study breaks to keep myself sane. Here's what I'm wearing now, Revlon Vixen:

And here it is topped with OPI's Man With the Golden Gun. I snagged this one up at Ulta after looking for it since the Skyfall OPI collection came out. I played around with my lighting in the first of these pictures and my topcoat looks crazy shiny!

Talk to y'all soon, and have a great weekend!


OPI Stranger Tides

Here's a go-to favorite of mine. I swear it looks nice on my skin, for some reason my camera just freaked out and wanted to show lobster hands! At least Zoidberg is a funny character so I'm okay bearing a resemblance to him.


Half Moon Manicure

Hey guys! This is a half moon manicure I did from a while back. I used french manicure guides which is why my 'half moons' are so large. Next time I'm using whole punch reinforcers! I used two coats of China Glaze White Cap for the base and one coat of China Glaze Ruby Slippers for the red. I really like the shimmer these two give off together!

'Til next time!


OPI DS Original

Hey everyone! School year resolution: blog more. On this blog. I started a neuroscience blog last year but it's pretty pathetic (as in zero people visit it) and I do enjoy swatching, so I'll be posting here more frequently!

This is two coats of OPI DS Original, which I realized I have no swatches of alone on here. Here you go!

Hope everyone's doing well!