OPI What's Dune?

I love this polish! It reminds me of abalone... if you look at it in the right light it reflects pink and blue. Unfortunately, I didn't get to capture that, and I only captured the holo. Still beautiful! This was 4 coats.


HAREpolish A-Positive

Got my computer back, yay! Back to posting. This is HAREpolish A-Positive, which can be bought here. They go fast though, so be speedy if you want some! This was two coats of A-Positive over Essie Fishnet Stockings.

Also... Guess what I got in the mail today? Frankening supplies! I've been working like crazy... I have to set up a page to sell them still. I now have 3 that I am thinking of selling, including one Halloween-themed one. I'm excited!


An update

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here, I just can't upload any new pictures yet. My school has my laptop right now to download new programs onto it for school. When I get my computer back everything will go back to normal! Well, kind of. Next year is pretty important for me so I definitely won't be posting every day. I want to make my blog as stress-free as possible for me, so I'm not going to be putting any pressure on myself to upload pictures- I hope you guys understand. This means I'll probably do three posts a week. Just wanted to give you a heads up!

Hope everyone's summer is going well. I got supplies in the mail today to make frankens for everyone who wants to buy them- stay tuned for more info!


China Glaze Zombie Zest

So I know it's summer, and I know that this is technically a Halloween color, but I finally found this in person so I had to wear it! :) This was two coats over Sally Hansen Grey Area. I also have a quick question for you guys- I am on vacation and I don't have my computer with me so I can't upload photos from my camera. Would you rather I upload photos from my phone and continue posting as usual, or wait until I get home and upload my pictures from my camera?I'll do either really- I was going to wait until i got home to put up proper pictures but I will only have time to do that Saturday. Thanks for letting me know! :)


Sally Hansen Grey Area

I love this polish, but I don't understand why it's named Grey Area. It's definitely a brown on me! Silly Sally Hansen.


China Glaze DV8

It's been really sunny the past couple days, so I put on a holo! This is a lot less holographic than the other China Glazes, but I love teal so I still like it a lot!


Cuticle Care + Topcoats

 Hey! These are the products I use for my cuticle care and my basics for my manicures. This post is fairly picture heavy, so to view it click it after the jump!


Franken: Salazar's Locket

Top of the mornin' to ya! This is a franken I made a couple nights ago called Salazar's Locket. I used three different shades of green glitter to achieve this. I swear it didn't look this lumpy in person, darn my silly ring finger! This was three (I think? Or maybe two) coats over Wet n Wild Black Creme.

Here it is matted with Essie Matte About You.
Thanks for looking!


OPI Do You Lilac It? Plus CND Gold Shimmer

For some reason I only took one picture of this manicure, silly silly me. As the title states, this is Do You Lilac It with CND Gold Shimmer layered over it. I thought I would like this mani more than I did, but I think it's just a *little* too girly for my tastes.

Thanks for looking! Just out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in what products I use to moisturize/take care of my cuticles and hands in general? I still gotta make them frankens, I ordered some bulk TKB glamour base and I'll be making them shortly :) hold tight!


NYC Little Italy and Nars Orgasm

Why hello everyone! Today I have a very nice underwear shade to show you. If you don't know, an underwear nail polish is a polish you put on before a very sheer one. This is NYC Little Italy. There are some issues for me with this polish, mainly that it's not a one coater and my nails feel too squishy with it on, but it's also a little too streaky for my liking. This was three coats.

I then layered two coats of Nars Orgasm on top. I really should have thinned it before I did so because it went on as a streaky mess :(


Essence @holographics.com Collection Picture and Swatch

Why hello there! I saw an untouched display of Essence's new "@holographics.com" collection so I had to take a picture. Major fail from Essence though, none of these are holographic, everything in the collection is a duochrome! Here's the display. As you can see, there are potted eyeshadows (I think they're creams?), body shimmers, lip glosses and nail polishes in this collection.

I only bought one polish from this collection, but I may buy more. This is Blue Ray, the dark blue polish in the middle of the picture. It's a blue polish with a slight purple duochrome edge to it. It looked fairly duochrome in the bottle but on the nail you can't see much purple! This is two coats over one coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme.

I'll post pictures of the rest of the collection as I buy them. Each polish is $1.99.


Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice

Hey everyone! Yesterday I went out to look for some of the Wet n Wild Dreamweavers (I need Tangled in My Web!) but I couldn't find them in my area. To make up for it I bought some of the new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears! This is two layers of Pumpkin Spice over one layer of Wet n Wild Black Creme.

I gotta admit, I'm on a glitter kick lately! I'm going to be frankening some glitters later today too. I'll post them on here when I finish! I'm thinking of frankening more of the blurple glitter franken I posted a couple weeks ago to sell... I'll keep you guys posted! Thanks for looking, as always!


Mwah Raven

 I have one thing to say about this polish - YUM. Why aren't there more polishes like this in America? This is an Australian brand that Allya gave me when we met up. Seriously, I think I'm in love with this polish. Could it get any better than this?! This is two coats of Mwah Raven over Wet n Wild Black Creme.

Now here it is with flash - you can really see the depth here!

Now finally, here's a close up of the bottle. Look at all that holo glittery goodness! I need more polishes like this in my life!
Thanks for looking, and I hope all you Australian girls have this in your stash :)


Alpha Rainbow Winmax

Hey everyone! Guess what? I found my camera! I also found out I may have mono today - awesome! The doctor can't tell for sure because I just started getting symptoms, so I'm hoping they will go away. I'll be sleeping a lot in the mean time!

A couple days ago I hung out with Allya from Painted Tips. She's so sweet! We swapped polishes and this is one of the polishes she gave me. I forgot to put in bottle shots so I will do that in a little bit and edit this out. She bought this while in Japan. It's a really, really pretty holo pink! She also gave me a holo blue and I will be wearing that one very soon :)

Thanks for looking!


Liquid Euphoria Dreamy Over Essie Going Incognito

So somehow I lost my camera AGAIN. I swear I loose it at least every week. I took these pictures before I lost it though, so they are still kind of good :) I really hope I find it soon! I'm still going to be taking pictures while I look for my camera with my friend's camera, but I'm not sure about the settings on it so I may not upload them. Anyways! This is two coats of Essie Going Incogneto.

Then I added one coat of Liquid Euphoria Dreamy on top. This was a kind of a good luck mani for my final on Monday. I went in to my school to take the test and I found out there it was a 3 hour long final. I was NOT happy. :(

I think I'm going to layer it over blue next. Here's a bottle shot where you can see the awesome blue side of the pigment!

Preeeettyy! Thanks for looking, and hopefully I'll update soon!


China Glaze Grape Pop

Here's another China Glaze for you guys! I didn't take very many pictures of this because I painted my nails in the dark... so whoops! I don't really like the color as it is, so it's not that big of a deal for me.


China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Ruby Pumps is one of my go-to polishes when I don't know what to wear. It's a jelly red with red glitter in it. It reminds me of OPI Smitten With Mittens, but thankfully it isn't hard to find because it's core! 


Another Franken!

I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with making frankens! This one I made a couple weeks ago but never got around to wearing. I'm thinking of selling some full-sized ones, but I'm not sure if anyone would actually buy them :( This was two coats of it. I probably wont be posting much because I have to study for a final I have on Monday- just a heads up. Hope you like this!


Extreme Layering

Hi everyone! This idea came from the lovely MeganChair on makeupalley. It's going to be a tough one to take off! Here's what I used:
2 Coats Sinful Daddy's Girl
1 Coat Island Girl Island Volcano (A blue glitter with flakies)
1 Coat Sinful Daddy's Girl
1 Coat Maybelline Colorama Frosty Pink

It was really hard to capture how dynamic this polish was in real life! It has a purple base, but when you slightly tilt your finger you can see flashes of blue glitter and red/green microglitter from the Frosty Pink... couldn't capture it, so try something similar at home! You can do a different variation by using any jelly, glitter and microglitter polish (Pure Ice Heartbreaker is an easy to find alternative to Frosty Pink, Clarins 230, etc). If you do this, please take pictures and show them to me! :)