Revlon Vixen and OPI Man With the Golden Gun

Happy weekend, readers! I have a fun weekend planned. It's filled with studying for midterms, a violin performance and a twelve page research paper. Thankfully, I'll be taking a lot of study breaks to keep myself sane. Here's what I'm wearing now, Revlon Vixen:

And here it is topped with OPI's Man With the Golden Gun. I snagged this one up at Ulta after looking for it since the Skyfall OPI collection came out. I played around with my lighting in the first of these pictures and my topcoat looks crazy shiny!

Talk to y'all soon, and have a great weekend!


OPI Stranger Tides

Here's a go-to favorite of mine. I swear it looks nice on my skin, for some reason my camera just freaked out and wanted to show lobster hands! At least Zoidberg is a funny character so I'm okay bearing a resemblance to him.


Half Moon Manicure

Hey guys! This is a half moon manicure I did from a while back. I used french manicure guides which is why my 'half moons' are so large. Next time I'm using whole punch reinforcers! I used two coats of China Glaze White Cap for the base and one coat of China Glaze Ruby Slippers for the red. I really like the shimmer these two give off together!

'Til next time!


OPI DS Original

Hey everyone! School year resolution: blog more. On this blog. I started a neuroscience blog last year but it's pretty pathetic (as in zero people visit it) and I do enjoy swatching, so I'll be posting here more frequently!

This is two coats of OPI DS Original, which I realized I have no swatches of alone on here. Here you go!

Hope everyone's doing well!


Revlon Powder Puff + Lynnderella Snow Angel

Decided to keep it clean and simple today. This was two coats of Revlon Powder Puff topped with one coat of Snow Angel. Clean and pretty!


Revlon Chic

Here's another blue polish to balance out the purple :) This is Revlon Chic, two coats. This is a very... blah polish to me. It's pretty, but would be prettier with some hidden shimmer. It's too plain!

Lots of Revlon posts lately!


Revlon Royal Cloak

I have some purple spam for all you purple lovers out there! I'm actually not a huge fan of this polish to be honest (and by not a huge fan I mean I don't like it at all...). It looks nice in the bottle, but not as nice on the nail. Boo! Even so, Revlon is on FIRE lately with how many great nail polishes they're releasing. Definitely my favorite nail brand right now! I think this was two coats.

What do you think? Like it? Leave it?


Revlon Fashionista

I can't believe it's already 2012. I found these over winter break with my friend, Layla, in Ulta. I saw the Revlon display that has Whimsical in it totally empty, and I had to ask if they had put the polishes out.... they didn't! So I got to go through all the boxes of polish and get first dibs to any colors I wanted. Hooray! One polish I chose was Revlon Fashionista, a beautiful one-coater.

I decided to make it funky for New Year's Eve. I can't file my fingernails into points because they're super short, but I can make them pointy using polish! I used a nude franken for my base color and Revlon Fashionista for the tip color. I think it's super cute!

Know what else is super cute? BABY ALBINO OTTERS!! Am I right??
(Not my picture, taken from http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/slideshow/photos-albino-animals-ghosts-wild-4633992)