Revlon Lily with LA Splash Baby Octopus and GITA!

Today I have one of my favorite cremes, Revlon Top Speed Lily. It has an awesome formula and the color is amazing. Try this one out if you can, it's totally worth the $6!

Here it is with LA Splash Baby Octopus. This is a holographic glitter polish with circle and octagon glitter. 

Here it is with my favorite, Lippmann Glitter in the Air!

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Teal Franken

Today I have a teal franken that I made a while ago. I made this one using NYC Kisses, Wet n Wild Black Creme and an LA Colors Color Craze blue that I had lying around. The sparkles come from NYC Kisses, and I'm in love with them! Everything was under a dollar, too: I bought the LA Colors polish at the dollar store, and bought the NYC polish in a two pack at the dollar store as well. Wet n Wild Wild Shines are already 99 cents to begin with, and Rite Aid had a deal a while ago to get two for 99 cents, so I stocked up! Cheap frankening is my favorite by far.

Here's a bottle shot. You can see the shimmer really well in this one.

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OPI La Boheme

Hey everyone! Long time no see. Sorry about that- life got in the way. I'm not going to make any promises about posting regularly, but I completely lost interest in nail polish in the past couple months and it's just now starting to come back. I have a couple pictures I never got around to putting up on here which I'll cue up to post in the next couple of days.

Here's OPI La Boheme. She's a multifaceted beauty! I tried getting La Boheme at different angles with my camera, and experimented with different kinds of light. Here were my results. I'm sure most of you have seen this polish before, but I hope that my pictures show what it looks like in person more accurately than others I've seen.

Here's a "boring" shot under my OTT light. Nothing special going on here.

Here she is with different tilts. You can really see the green and gold in these pictures, especially on the left side of my nails!

Finally, under direct sunlight at different angles. It kind of reminds me of embers glowing in a freshly put-out fire. Cozy but beautiful :)

Thanks for still checking out my blog while I've been gone- I noticed I accumulated 200 followers during my absence. You guys ROCK!! Thank you!