Revlon Sunshine Sparkle

I gotta be honest, I have a weakness for yellows. The only thing that holds me back from buying yellow polish is their formulas - they're generally streaky and really hard to apply. This was one of those yellows, but application was much better for this than Maybelline Banana Puddin'. This was four coats over one coat of Essie Marshmallow.

Then I decided to get funky widdit and added a layer of Wet n Wild Part of Five Glitters on top.

 Then, just because I was curious, I added a layer of Sunshine Sparkle on top of the glitter. I usually like similar manicures, but I don't think a sheer yellow is the color to do this with!


  1. I love yellows too, but never buy them because they look horrible on me. I actually like the yellow jelly sandwich. It looks like one of those Easter malt ball eggs.

  2. Woah, you're right! Mmmm I want some Maltesers now...

  3. I like the look of the sunshine layered over the glitter. I purchased all three shades mentioned just so I could wear this look.


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