Extreme Layering

Hi everyone! This idea came from the lovely MeganChair on makeupalley. It's going to be a tough one to take off! Here's what I used:
2 Coats Sinful Daddy's Girl
1 Coat Island Girl Island Volcano (A blue glitter with flakies)
1 Coat Sinful Daddy's Girl
1 Coat Maybelline Colorama Frosty Pink

It was really hard to capture how dynamic this polish was in real life! It has a purple base, but when you slightly tilt your finger you can see flashes of blue glitter and red/green microglitter from the Frosty Pink... couldn't capture it, so try something similar at home! You can do a different variation by using any jelly, glitter and microglitter polish (Pure Ice Heartbreaker is an easy to find alternative to Frosty Pink, Clarins 230, etc). If you do this, please take pictures and show them to me! :)


  1. Very nice! <3 MeganChair, I miss her blog :)

  2. I saw this the other day and did a version. :D Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz, Sinful Hottie, another coat of Purple Pizzazz, and a coat of Pure Ice Heart Breaker. It's so pretty! Yours looks awesome. I wish I had Frosty Pink. <3

  3. This is pretty! I love it! :-)

  4. Hana, I would love to see your version if you took pictures! I wish I had Pure Ice Heart Breaker, but there are no Walmarts in my area :( booo.

    Thank you Emily and Jane!

    Meeka, I do too. She is on polishorperish now, though!

  5. I took pictures, but they came out really horrible and you can't see how it actually looked at all. I plan to do it again pretty soon, so then I'll try to get some better pictures in the sun.

    Heart Breaker seems hard to find even if you do have a Walmart nearby. :( The one near me hasn't had it for a couple years now.

  6. Dang! I need it so bad! It's a serious lemming of mine!


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