Essence @holographics.com Collection Picture and Swatch

Why hello there! I saw an untouched display of Essence's new "@holographics.com" collection so I had to take a picture. Major fail from Essence though, none of these are holographic, everything in the collection is a duochrome! Here's the display. As you can see, there are potted eyeshadows (I think they're creams?), body shimmers, lip glosses and nail polishes in this collection.

I only bought one polish from this collection, but I may buy more. This is Blue Ray, the dark blue polish in the middle of the picture. It's a blue polish with a slight purple duochrome edge to it. It looked fairly duochrome in the bottle but on the nail you can't see much purple! This is two coats over one coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme.

I'll post pictures of the rest of the collection as I buy them. Each polish is $1.99.


  1. hey girl (= thanks for sending me the link on mua (im hotpinkaurora lolol)

    this color is surprisingly lovely!

  2. Oh hey!

    Yeah, I like it too. It's just not as duochrome as I thought it would be judging from the bottle :( and it's DEFINITELY not holographic!


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