Alpha Rainbow Winmax

Hey everyone! Guess what? I found my camera! I also found out I may have mono today - awesome! The doctor can't tell for sure because I just started getting symptoms, so I'm hoping they will go away. I'll be sleeping a lot in the mean time!

A couple days ago I hung out with Allya from Painted Tips. She's so sweet! We swapped polishes and this is one of the polishes she gave me. I forgot to put in bottle shots so I will do that in a little bit and edit this out. She bought this while in Japan. It's a really, really pretty holo pink! She also gave me a holo blue and I will be wearing that one very soon :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great photos of this! I love these ones :) I've got almost all the holos they put out, I think I'm missing 1 or 2. They aren't overly holo but they are quite nice. Some of the best polishes I've managed to find over here so far :P

  2. Ooh, do you live in Japan? I love this, I wish I had more! They have such a nice formula that it's easy to just slap it on before you have to run somewhere which is sooo convenient.


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