Petites and a Unicorn!

Hey everyone! I've been VERY busy lately so sorry I haven't been updating often. I'm interning in a lab and taking a pretty demanding neurobiology course, so I don't have much free time! I've decided that I'm not going to be writing much in descriptions for the next couple of weeks - most of you don't always read them anyways I'm sure :)

One thing I would like to say though - I added a new page called wishlist to the top of my blog under my header (the thing that says LavenderParfait). It's really for myself to keep track of my wanted polishes, but if you guys have any of them and would like to sell them to me or trade something for them PLEASE let me know! I would be ever grateful :)

Okay, now that I have all the talking out of the way, here's Petites Lime Freeze. My friend gave this to me for Christmas and my dad picked it as my mani :p

It's very sheer - this was three coats. I thought I wouldn't like it but it grew on me! It's not as frosty as it looks in the bottle.

Then, because today was unicorn themed on MakeupAlley nail board, I added a unicorn. This is freehanded! Lots of pictures, so please take a look after the jump :)

Hope you guys like it, and I hope you all have great weekends!

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