Orly Royal Velvet

I absolutely love this polish! This was three coats. There are brush strokes visible but I honestly like it with this polish - it makes it that much more interesting! If you don't have this I highly suggest you go out and buy it right now :) I love it that much! It switches from a pretty dark blue with sparkle to a dark purple when you tilt your nail the right way. In my pictures you can see the purple on the sides of my nail. Love it!

Here it is in the sun:

And here it is under my OTT light (which is just a full spectrum light that emulates sunlight):

Hope you like it as much as I do!


  1. This is such a pretty polish and it look good on you :)

  2. So pretty! Sorry I didn't respond to your text... I keep losing mah phone! Anyways, I could maybes do Thursday, does that work for you? Also I went and got my nails done at Savannah nails on 21st and they had OPI My Private Jet, thought of you!

  3. I'm busy all this week but I'm free next week Tuesday and basically the rest of summer. My course ends next week so I have to study for that final :( boo, not looking foreword to it..

  4. Eek I'm sorry, I leave for NY on friday, but im back on the 15th so lets please try and do something then!


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