Chanel Peridot

This was definitely a splurge for me, but it was so worth it! Chanel Peridot is from the Chanel fall line of makeup. There are two others in the collection: Graphite and Quartz. Those two didn't interest me much, but I think Chanel Peridot is one of my favorite polishes EVER! I can't stop staring at my nails, that's how much I love it! I'll have to go back and buy myself a backup, I don't ever want to run out of this stuff!

The formula was amazing, and I usually don't like Chanel's formulas. This was super easy to apply, looked great in one coat and didn't chip at all! I used two coats on my swatch pictures just to make sure everything was covered, but I could have gotten away with one.

Here's a bottle picture. It looks great even in the bottle, ahh!

Now here it is on my nails. This is in the shade.

Beautiful right? But wait until you see it in the sun. It freakin' GLOWS.

I swear I could wear this for the rest of my life if I needed to! I like it even more than the original holographic version of OPI My Private Jet, and that means a lot! Hope you guys love it and can find a bottle :)


  1. Aaah! I need to go ahead and swatch mine. It looks lovely on you! MPJ is my favorite and if you like Perdiot even more it must be out of this world. Lol! :)

  2. I love this! How much is it? Too lazy to look it up... also getting a little behind again... I can just be your motivator.

  3. Flora: Yeeeah I know. It was either 27 or 23. Im leaning towards 23 though. Im posting tomorrow so no worries :)

    Rmcandlelight: Do ittt!!! You won't be sorry!

  4. This was on the Today show today!

  5. Sephora Diving in Malaysia is a PERFECT dupe for Peridot. Save yourself some $$$ and get that instead! :)


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