Revlon KHAKIzing

Hello, world! This is a polish a friend gave me a couple weeks ago. I didn't realize how much I loved this until I put it on... the duochrome is prominent in the bottle, but not as prominent as in person. Take a look!

Now look what it looks like at the right angle...

Crazy bright neon green! I love how unique this polish is. Unfortunately, it's long discontinued and was limited edition in the 90's (I think?). In any case, it was really nice of her to give it to me and I love it!


  1. You showed the colour shift nicely! Try it over black.

  2. It's super opaque, I don't think it would look any different over black. Basically a one-coater!

  3. Wow what friend gave that to you? They must have great taste and also I'm guessing are very beautiful.

  4. Nah.

    Just kidding, they are the most beautiful person I have ever met. (CL CLUB REPRESENT)

  5. Do you have any idea where you friend got this?!?

  6. There is a dupe of it by Wet n Wild! http://glitterglammandy.blogspot.com/2014/12/khakizing-dupe.html


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