China Glaze Ahoy!

Long time no see! Sorry about that! I've been really sleepy lately and I have a lot of schoolwork to catch up on. This is two coat of China Glaze Ahoy, but I could have gotten away with one. It's basically a one-coater!

Here's a comparison of Ahoy and China Glaze Strawberry Fields. Ahoy is on my pointer and middle fingers and Strawberry Fields is on my ring and pinkie fingers. Ahoy doesn't have the same shimmer as Strawberry Fields, as you can tell, and Strawberry Fields is much lighter.


  1. I love Ahoy so much. Soooo much. And I hate pink most of the time.

  2. Me too, I'm not a fan of pink. Love Ahoy and Strawberry Fields though! China Glaze makes some pretty glass-flecked pinks.


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