Franken Using Maybelline Colorama #40 Frosty Pink

 Hi! I wanted to show you all this franken I made. I used a whole bottle of Maybelline Colorama Frosty Pink in it. Here's my recipe:

-1 bottle of Frosty Pink
-8 drops of China Glaze First Mate
-5 drops of Wet n Wild Black Creme

I love it! These swatches are over two coats of First Mate. My camera was being really weird and didn't show how deep this polish really is... to be honest, it's almost black but it's definitely blue. It's a blue-black!

 Here's a picture that's a bit more color accurate:

Here are some pictures that are also a little bit more color accurate where you can see the shimmer. I think I need to put this one on again! :)

Let me know if you replicate this and what you think of it! I think I'm going to hoard Frosty Pinks... they look *great* in frankens.

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  1. Beautiful! Great Franken! My frankens never really work out... oh well I still think it's fun, maybe some day I'll create something as pretty as this.


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