OPI Hungary for my Honey

Have you guys ever wanted or bought a nail polish just for its name? That was the sole reason I bought OPI Hungary for my Honey. I thought the color was fugly when I saw swatches of it online, but I thought since I am Hungarian I had to have this color. I was happily surprised when I put it on... the color aint half bad! It reminds me of paprika, which I'm sure is what they were trying to go for. Fun fact- OPI was actually started by a Hungarian!


  1. Looks good to me :> I was sooo in love with "Kinky In Helsinki" name although I'm not Finnish. If you are a Hungarian - it was a must have for you :oP

  2. Lololol "fugly"! And this entire post.... Why you sooo funny gurl?

    Literally classic.


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