My Stash

Good morning! Beware - this post is very, very picture heavy. Just a word of warning!

Here are the stash pictures I've been promising you guys. I'm not sure how many bottles of polish I have right now, last time I counted I think I had close to 200 but I'm not sure of the exact number. It is probably lower than that because some that I've swapped are in the mail going to their new homes. I'm still trying to build my stash, but for just getting into polish a couple months ago I'm pretty proud of it!

If you see anything you want swatches of or want the name of something, just let me know! I'm happy to help :)

I have my Melmer (Michael's version of the Ikea Helmer) organized by color. I have fun colors in the top drawer, reds, oranges, corals and pinks in the middle drawer and in the bottom drawer I have taupes, nudes, browns, fun topcoats and random polish related things :).  See my stash after the jump!

I'll start with the top drawer for bottle pictures:

Here is drawer number two:

And finally, the final drawer, drawer number three:

Hope you enjoyed! If you want to know the name of any polish or want a swatch of anything please tell me the color family and where it is in the picture. Thanks! :)


  1. Ok, first picture in drawer #3, beside HT, a China Glaze? What is that one?

  2. That one is China Glaze Party Heart from the 'Tis the Season collection that came out around December!


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