Revlon Royal Cloak

I have some purple spam for all you purple lovers out there! I'm actually not a huge fan of this polish to be honest (and by not a huge fan I mean I don't like it at all...). It looks nice in the bottle, but not as nice on the nail. Boo! Even so, Revlon is on FIRE lately with how many great nail polishes they're releasing. Definitely my favorite nail brand right now! I think this was two coats.

What do you think? Like it? Leave it?


  1. It doesn't look that bad, the shade iteself is very pretty, but the sparkles are a bit, don't know, dull? Maybe it'd look cooler with some silver glitter on top?

  2. i like this one a lot, but i can see how it's not someone's thing. and i agree, revlon is ROCKING right now! amazing colors

  3. I definitely like this one! :D I wish the flakes were a bit more visible/stronger on the nail though. Macro does this polish a lot of favors. Still, I really love the color and overall it's such a pretty polish. It's definitely a keeper for me. And I totally agree - Revlon is on fire with all the amazing polishes they've been putting out. :D


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