Teal Franken

Today I have a teal franken that I made a while ago. I made this one using NYC Kisses, Wet n Wild Black Creme and an LA Colors Color Craze blue that I had lying around. The sparkles come from NYC Kisses, and I'm in love with them! Everything was under a dollar, too: I bought the LA Colors polish at the dollar store, and bought the NYC polish in a two pack at the dollar store as well. Wet n Wild Wild Shines are already 99 cents to begin with, and Rite Aid had a deal a while ago to get two for 99 cents, so I stocked up! Cheap frankening is my favorite by far.

Here's a bottle shot. You can see the shimmer really well in this one.

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  1. Thanks Sarah! The shimmer is definitely my favorite part of this polish :)


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